Saturday, December 4, 2010

167, 168, 169

A get well gift, Christmas tree bokeh, and my little cousin.


DSC09032 re

DSC08867 re


  1. I love them all...especially that last shot.

  2. Love love your Christmas tree bokeh!! :) Tis the season!

  3. This last pic is stunning the cloros are gorgeous what is your indoor pic trick. My indoor pics are never as good as my outdoor pics. I know you've talked about this before and wondered if you have a new trick. I also can not afford a fancy camera with a high ISO

  4. Thank you!

    Sheva- Indoor pictures are tricky without a flash or professional camera. Basically I have 1.8 50mm lens that I use 99% of the time. I use the 1.8 f-stop and it mostly allows me to take indoor photos, sometimes they aren't as sharp though. I also have one room in my house (where this last photo was taken) that is bright enough to take portraits as long as they don't move too fast. Otherwise as a last resort I use my flash with a homemade diffuser on it. If you have an editing program that can edit RAW then you could shoot in RAW and up the exposure in edit. This will work up to a certain point.

    The last photo I shot at 3.5, 1/80 and ISO 200 -no flash and in jpeg.
    Hope this helps! Love your photography, it's VERY good! I would love to know what kind of gear you use!