Saturday, September 11, 2010


Around here we celebrate the little things. Everyday there are little things to celebrate and this week it was my son standing up all by himself. You can see he is as excited about it as we are. My little guy here was diagnosised with Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome shortly after he was born. It takes a little longer for him to reach his milestones and a lot more effort then typical children because of his low tone. But he is 17 months now and on the verge of walking and we couldn't be more proud of him. So this is just a snapshot of my life and as you can see there is no shortage of clapping, laughing, or cheering.

Day 6 - Snapshot of your life


  1. Such a cute little man. Standing is awesome! Funny how things work. My Jack took steps before standing.

  2. Love this picture! And I so wish we lived closer together...I would love to see you all again soon!

  3. What I meant was, Lucas is ahead of the game =)